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Anne Becker

DSD I, Children Heritage 3

Anne grew up in Wuppertal (West-Germany). After high school, she studied history, German linguistics, and educational science at the University of Bochum. In 1993 the Becker Family (with two children) moved to the US. Thanks to her personal situation (another two of her four children were born in the US) she was always interested in the bilingual aspects of learning and teaching German.

Anne is especially familiar with the challenges and opportunities that come with a bilingual education. She has been teaching at the German Language School of Naperville for more than fifteen years. She attends educational workshops for language teachers regularly and applies various new teaching methods in her classroom.

She also tutors German to high school students from both Naperville and Oswego school districts. Anne became the director of the German school in 2021 and teaches the DSD I class.

Phone: (630) 728-3823


Anne Becker
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