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Classroom Furnitures

Wishlist for GLSN

Your gifts and donations will allow us to meet the needs of our students, each and every day. Your investments will secure our school today and in the years to come. As a non-for-profit, we're relying on your trust and support to create the best learning environment for our bilingual students and their futures. 

In addition to investments in our teachers, our operations, and our campus, we are looking for new school equipment, modern learning technologies, as well as classroom items, as part of our strategy for GLSN.

Here are a few items that we're planning on acquiring in the coming school year with your help. 

Owl labs 2.jpg

Meeting Owl from Owl Labs 

Better collaboration for all students. Meeting Owl Pro - 360-Degree, 1080p HD Smart Video Conference Camera, Microphone, and Speaker for the classroom. Students can participate remotely with the same experience. 
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Speaker invest.jpg

Wireless Speaker from Pyle  

For our German music classes, Wireless Portable PA System-400W Bluetooth Compatible Rechargeable Battery Powered Outdoor Sound Stereo Speaker Microphone Set. 
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Laminator Kit from 3M

3M Laminator kit with every size laminating pouch. At school, every teacher is trying to laminate as many of their materials, so that they can be reused over and over again. 
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Clock DE.jpg

Calendar clock from Goula   

A huge wall clock that displays days of the week, months, seasons, dates, time with seconds, minutes and morning- and afternoon hours, and has a weather component. This is how we teach our children how to recognize patterns and relationships of time. 
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