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Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures:

The participation in any classes or activities at the German Language School of Naperville is at your own risk. The German Language School of Naperville takes every reasonable measure to insure the care and safety of students. You hereby agree to hold the German Language School of Naperville, its staff, and affiliates harmless from any and all claims, losses, suits, or related causes of action for damages.


Photos and video footage may be taken of students and/or parents who are attending a class or event, or using school facilities or property. By registering for a class, attending an event, or using the school facilities or property, you authorize the German Language School of Naperville to use these photos and video footage for promotional or informational purposes using print, online, or other media. The school will not mention by name any persons depicted on the media, unless express permission is given. All photos and videos are property of the school.

No refunds will be granted after September 27, or 10 days after any registration beyond that date. Students enrolled in classes at the German Language School of Naperville are expected to arrive on time, prepared, and behave appropriately during class time. Students may be excused from a class at the teacher's discretion for behavior issues or arriving unprepared. 

Book fee:

The cost for book(s) is not included in the tuition. After review of your registration, you will receive an email with information about what book(s) you need to purchase and where you can purchase them. Prices usually range between $20-$30 per student. Returning students sometimes do not need new books.

Disability and Medical Information:

You agree to inform the German Language School of Naperville of any health/medical condition or special need that may affect your/your child’s participation in this program. You must inform the German Language School of Naperville of any learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, IEP, etc.) or medical information (food allergies, diabetes, etc.) that would impact your/your child’s ability to effectively participate in class, impact others in the class, or require an instructor’s special/ additional attention, and you acknowledge that you have been informed that your failure to do so may result in the dismissal of you/your child without tuition reimbursement.

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