German Language School 

Here at the GLSN it is our goal to teach our students of all age groups and skill levels the ability to effectively communicate in the German language —verbally and in writing, while providing a fun-loving environment in which the students experience, enjoy and appreciate German culture.

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In addition to learning in class, there's no better way of learning about culture than immersing our students in several social and cultural events throughout the school year. 

St. Martin's Day, also called Lantern Day, our famous Christmas party, and Carnival or Fasching are some of our favorite events. 

Registration is open

Registration is now open for the 2023 school year at GLSN. The new school year will start Sep 9th, 2022. Enroll now and spend the summer looking forward to it. 

Our Adults meet every Wednesday afternoon and our Children every Friday afternoon.

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