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Svenja Albers-Prigandt

Kindergarten, 7-year olds, Adults

Svenja was Born in Lübeck and raised in Itzehoe close to the North Sea. Svenja worked on Jupiter Island, FL as an AU-Pair (taking care of triplets) after she had received her highschool diploma (Abitur). After her return to Germany, she studied Physics, Math and Geography in Cologne and got a teaching certificate. She taught at a “Realschule'' for 1 year and at a “Hauptschule” for 2.5 years in Kerpen (NRW) before she moved to the Chicago suburbs in 2012.

Besides teaching various classes at the GLSN, Svenja currently works as a tutor for Math, German, and special education. She is very excited to be your child’s teacher and to be a part of the German Language School family.

Svenja Albers-Prigandt
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