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Francy McNamara


Francy was born in Saarlandia, but grew up in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area.

She moved with her family to the Chicago area in 1992 and learned about the DANK Schule Chicago Nord, where both of her sons attended class. At one point she was asked to take over a class and reluctantly agreed to do so just for one year.

After 20 fun years of teaching mostly advanced students she took a short break, and soon after started at the GLSN. After another short break she is very happy and glad to be back teaching.

Her professional career started at a Chemical company in Mannheim as the Head Secretary, next taking the job of Assistant to the CEO at DER Travel and later at ThyssenKrupp Steel Chicago. She is currently working for a Swiss Steel Group in Carol Stream.

Francy McNamara
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