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(for printable Wednesday schedule click here, for printable Friday schedule click here)

Schedule and fees, school year 2020 - 2021

Class time / lesson duration for online classes will be 60 minutes per lesson for all children classes. Adult classes will be 2 hours per lesson.

For the children classes German 1 and higher it is the goal to gradually increase the lesson duration to 2 hours, which remains subject to change, depending on our experience with the online learning format and the children's ability to focus. Teachers will keep parents informed about changes.

Background information: In order to recognize these higher classes, the German government requires a certain number of class hours per year.

Day Start time Course Description Tuition Teacher
Wednesday 6:45pm AC Adult, Advanced conversation $370 Svenja Albers-Prigandt
Wednesday 6:45pm AI Adult, Intermediate $370 Alice Voss-Kantor
Wednesday 6:45pm AB Adult, Beginner $370 Anne Becker
Friday 4:00pm KR Children, Krabbelklasse, 1-3 years Not offered Sandra Nelson
Friday 4:00pm CHB Children, 3-4 years old Not offered Melinda Beck
Friday 4:00pm K1 Children, 4-5 years old $290 Svenja Albers-Prigant
Friday 5:00pm 6JA Children, 6 years old $360 Melinda Beck
Friday 5:00pm 7JA Children, 7 years old $400 Svenja Albers-Prigant
Friday 5:00pm CH1 Children, Level 1 (Beginner class), Ages 8 years and up, must be comfortable reading and writing English $400 Annika Blencowe
Friday 5:00pm CH2 Children, Level 2, Ages 8 years and up $400 Kathrin Schmid
Friday 5:00pm CH3 Children, Level 3, Ages 8 years and up $400 Jasneet Kaur
Friday 5:00pm CN1 Children, Native speakers, Ages 8 to 11 years old $400 Alice Voss-Kantor
Friday 5:00pm CN2 Children, Native speakers, Ages 12 years and up $400 Anne Becker

Activities, 2020 - 2021

Please note, some group activities or events may be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Wednesday Schedule

Day Activity
September 9 School starts
September 16 No class
November 6, Friday5:00 PM, Lantern making and Parade at the Meeting House, Naper Settlement, 523 S. Webster Street, Naperville. Public is invited.

*** Regular (short) school day for Friday classes. (Lantern Parade is canceled due to Covid-19)

November 25No class, Thanksgiving
December 9 Last class before break
December 12, Saturday 3:00 PM, Christmas party at the VFW hall, 908 W Jackson Ave, Naperville

(canceled this year due to COVID-19)

January 6Classes resume
February 24 No class, snow day make-up if necessary
March 31No class, spring break
May 12Last day of school
May 15, Saturday 3:00 PM, Graduation Potluck Party at 432 W. Jefferson, Naperville

Friday Schedule

Day Activity
September 11 School starts
September 18No class (Rosh Hashana at the Synagogue)
October 2Short Friday. Classes are out at 6:30 pm.
November 65:00 PM, Lantern making and parade at the Naper Settlement, Meeting House. Public is invited.

***Changed to a regular (short) school day. (Lantern Parade is canceled due to Covid-19)

November 27No class, Thanksgiving
December 4 Short Friday, classes out at 6:30 pm.
December 11 Last class before Winter break
December 12, Saturday3:00 PM, Christmas party at the VFW hall, 908 W Jackson Ave, Naperville

(canceled this year due to COVID-19)

January 8Classes resume
February 5Short Friday, classes out at 6:30 PM, Karneval (dress up in costumes)
February 26No class, snow day make-up day if necessary
March 5 Short Friday, classes out at 6:30 PM
April 2 Spring break, no class
May 7 Short Friday, classes out at 6:30 PM
May 14Last school day
May 15, Saturday3:00 PM, Graduation Party, Potluck at 432 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville

Registration Info

The German Language School reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. If a family has more than 1 student, each additional student gets $10.00 off. Fees cover the entire school year from September through May. Walk-in registrations may be possible during the first 2 weeks of children classes. Mailed checks and PayPal payments are always welcome, as long as we have space left in the class (please fill out a registration form, too). No refunds will be given 2 weeks after the start of school. Please make checks payable to German Language School Naperville.
For more information please contact Angela Jöstlein at (630)355-8279 or